2021 Special Events

BRANDY & CIGARS hosted by B_Profane

Longing for a taste of civility after a hectic day of takedowns and beatings? Come join B_Profane for cigars and libations under the stars. Relax, unwind and enjoy sweet, sweet victory over smoke-hating mosquitoes and other creatures of the night. Stogies and booze (of a classy-ass variety) will be provided, but please, feel free to contribute more of each to share — with your fellow guests, and your humble host.

Sunday August 22nd, 10:00pm-12:00midnight, Smokers Oasis

CAMP PHOTO (optional)

We all know how great it can be to look back at family photos through the years, so come join us to have a chance to immortalize this year’s Camp Crucible attendees! Participation in the Camp photo is, of course, completely voluntary.

Sunday August 22nd, 5:30pm, Pool 


Join your fellow crafty kinksters, and kinky crafters, in the Oasis for a few hours of alfresco S&M (Socializing and Making.) All your handcrafts are welcome: crochet, cross-stitch, jewelry-making, you name it! Come get to know your fellow campers while we make progress on our works-in-progress. All skill levels are welcome and skill-sharing tends to happen naturally, so feel free to show up with questions as well as yarn.

Sunday, August 22nd, 11:00am-1:00pm, Oasis

GAME NIGHT (clothing optional) hosted by Heliosphere

__________ is the best thing to do on a Monday night during Crucible Weekend

A. Playing games with Heliosphere

B. Getting naked

C. Drinking punch

D. All three at once

Monday, August 23rd, 9:00pm-12:00midnight, Mess Hall Foyer


Get hooked and fly. The ground crew is ready. The launch site has been carefully inspected. All systems are a go for a perfect flight. Hook suspension is an intense experience that offers the opportunity to discover how powerful you are. While flying, the mind can clear and deeper parts of the self emerge to shed light into the dark corners of consciousness. With roots in many ancient cultures, both Eastern and Western, this experience has been a part of spiritual explorations for thousands of years. Ordeal Reveals. Our experienced team has helped flyers overcome gravity here at Camp Crucible for the past three years. Modern technology makes the experience safer than the ancestors could have ever imagined. There are many ways to fly and we can help you find the flight plan that will work best for your trip. To schedule your flight time, contact the team lead, Whittney. 

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday as time and schedules permit

MORNING YOGA hosted by Whittney

Yoga is for everyone! Each morning, just before breakfast, come join other yogins as we stretch, breathe, and explore the wonder of our bodies. This ancient practice teaches the art of fully experiencing the moment by awareness of your body and breath. Yoga is adaptable to anyone’s current state of health or physical ability; the most important thing is to try. No experience is required, these sessions are designed to be accessible to everyone. The class runs for about 45 minutes, and a limited number of mats, blocks, and belts are available to students… yogins who have their own props are asked to please bring them, so we have more to share with newcomers. Join us each morning, to get the kinks out so you can get your kink on!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, 8:30am-9:30am, Lower Dungeon


Come join us for a rite of passage that weaves together spirit, flesh, fear and triumph. You can fulfill a fantasy, confront your fear and/or find victory and accomplishment. You’ll have your whole body lit on fire for a split second before leaping into the swimming pool. This is an experience like no other! It’s a thrilling, over-the-top activity for people looking for that ;something more.’ Please bring a bottle of 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, a dry towel, and clean skin (no oils, lotion, hair product, perfumes, etc.) Everyone is encouraged to attend—come watch or come participate. This is one event you won’t want to miss.

Monday, August 23rd, 8:30pm-9:30pm, Pool

UNCLE FRAZIER’S NOTORIOUS TOP/bottom AUCTION hosted by Bo and Shanghai Ms. Marie

Is there a special person who you might have been too shy to ask for a play date? Want to have people fighting over the chance to spend time with you? Then this is the chance to sign up and see what happens in the auction! Auction forms available at HQ.

Sunday, August 22nd, 8:00pm-10:00pm, Amphitheater

WELCOME BACK COCKTAIL PARTY hosted by the Leatherhearts

Ahoy Matey!  The Crucible Corsairs have returned.  After the past year it’s time to party with your Camp Family! Join the Leatherheats for cocktails and mocktails as we reconnect with each other and welcome our new Campers. 

Saturday, August 21st, 8:00pm, Oasis