2022 Class Descriptions

Blindfolded Pony Obstacles with Adelasia
Every pony can navigate a course when they can see the obstacles. What if the ability to see is removed? This is a true communication experience where handler and pony navigate the pathways and learn from each other. This is not a class, there are no prizes and most of all, no pressure. Come out for the fun of testing your skills maneuvering obstacles, with carts or on hoof, where only one of the team knows where they are going. We won’t won’t say which one!
Friday, August 5th, 12:00noon, Pony Camp

Bondage for Sex with Stu
Using single and double column ties along with a few new ties. We will focus on tying up a partner to have sex with them. We will be demonstrating a few of these ties. We will set aside some time for suggestions and questions from attendees for particular scenarios they would like to see neatly tied up. Recommending to bring: 2-3x 50 ft pieces & 3-4x 25 ft pieces -or- 6-8x 30 ft pieces.
Saturday, August 6th, 2:30pm, Bat Barn Tent

Creative Mummification with Rorie
Mummification offers a unique BDSM experience for both Tops and bottoms. It can be used for simple bondage such as arm binders, for sensory deprivation, for deep meditation, or for full body restrictive bondage. This workshop will offer ideas and suggestions on materials, techniques and practices that can be used to create the mummification scenes of your fantasies.
Saturday, August 6th, 12:00noon, Upper Dungeon

Dark Roleplaying with Lee Harrington
We have been “playing pretend” since we were young… but the realm of kinky sexuality opens up all new directions roleplaying can take. Join us as we explore the shadowy realms of our fantasies and roles we can try on: abduction, abuse, torture, snuff, fantastical realms and anywhere else our twisted minds can dream up. We will discuss the joys of playing in our closet, why these dark desires turn us on, how to bring up these taboo interests with our partners, negotiating our desires, and troubleshooting the challenges these types of fantasies can elicit.
Friday, August 5th, 2:30pm, Mess Hall Deck

Fisting with Button
Have you always wanted to learn more about fisting your partner? Have you ever wondered what it takes to fist your partner? Come and learn as Button shows you how to do just that and covers tips and tricks to make this accessible to as many people as possible!
Friday, August 5th, 12:00noon, Upper Dungeon

Hotter, Safer Cocksucking with Sam Savage
Love going down on outie bits but risk-averse? Frustrated with the lack of condoms designed for anything but pregnancy prevention? In this hands- and mouth-on class you will learn some of the key differences between ‘giving head’ with and without a condom and how to give your partner brain-breaking pleasure either way. This class has a slight bias towards original-equipment penises, but techniques for hot connective play with strap-ons will also apply. Bonus content includes ways to incorporate condoms and other barriers into humiliation and role play for those cum-bonded folks wondering what to do with all the leftover condoms in their bedside drawer
Saturday, August 6th, 12:00noon, Mess Hall Deck

Inside the Ropes with Whittney and Willow
Whittney and Willow are known for their dynamic suspensions: exploring the range of a tie and moving through multiple poses without ever needing to re-tie a single line! This class explores what you, as the person in rope, can do to be a more active, engaged, and badass bottom. There is no one “correct” way to bottom; this class’s goal is to increase your repertoire of shapes to make and inspire creativity and comfort with playing in rope. Willow and Whittney will be focusing on a cooperative tying structure and skills which are entirely applicable for self tiers as well. This session is not just for bottoms! Tops, come appreciate all that your bottoms can and are doing for you (and learn to work better together!
Saturday, August 6th, 2:30pm, Upper Dungeon

Power Exchange, Power Dynamics: Conscious Inequality, Dominance, and Submission with Lee Harrington
Power permeates our every interpersonal interaction, from how we interact with the grocery clerk to our kink in the bedroom, and there is a difference between unconscious and conscious power use. However, in a variety of alternative sexuality and BDSM populations, these concepts are eroticized, often glossing over the context where these consensual erotic power plays come from. Let’s examine where power arises unconsciously or through oppression in culture, various types of power exchange dynamics, and why people would want to engage in them (for an evening, a long-term connection or between lifetimes). This will include conscious and unconscious roles, bonding within relationships, and even destructive behaviors. Power is power, but inequality is not inequity, so let us look at this together with eyes wide open.
Saturday, August 6th, 2:30pm, Mess Hall Deck

Risking Connection: Setting Intent for Intimacy at Events with Sam Savage
Sacred sexuality events give us the chance to connect with others in hot, intimate, enriching and sometimes profoundly transformative ways. When engaging with others at such events do you ever consider what your goals are for the encounter? (Beyond mutual pleasure of the moment, of course!) Sometimes the partner we find in that class or in the field is simply a stand-in for an opportunity to experience love or growth in our lives. Other times there is a deep heart connection that sparks and emerges from the weekend blossoming into an ongoing relationship. Can you know before how the encounter may impact you? Probably not! However, by being present with each other’s desires you can set intent for how intimate encounters may evolve. This class will address how to examine your goals for intimacy at an event and how to communicate about those goals quickly and easily within the flow of spontaneity, with attention to how the environment of conventions or events magnifies the intensity of connection and how to decide whether you sustain that with a partner after the event. We will also explore how to use opportunities for intimacy and sexual connection with new people to enhance intimacy with existing partners and ethical considerations for such. While physical consent is understood as a core tenant of healthy sexuality, this class addresses exploration of consent around each other’s hopes and the possible after-effects of engaging in intense and sudden intimacy.
Thursday, August 4th, 2:30pm, Mess Hall Deck

Singletail Whips: The Kiss of Fire with Rorie
Perhaps the most distinctive sound in the BDSM scene is the crack of a singletail whip. This fun and informative presentation will cover how whips are made, what types of whips are used in BDSM scenes, various ways to use whips in BDSM scenes and safety considerations in whip play. A demonstration of the techniques discussed will follow the presentation.
Friday, August 5th, 2:30pm, Bat Barn Tent

Staples: Simple, Decorative, & Sadistic with Willow
Medical staplers are a simple and versatile tool and yet are often overlooked for play! Staples are equally suitable for a lovely lace-up corset, an effective gag-alternative, and silly or sadistic predicament play.
Thursday, August 4th, 2:30pm, Upper Dungeon

Trauma and Kink with Ev
Kink itself is not inherently based on trauma, but there are many ways in which kink can be used as a conduit for healing. Varieties of kinky technologies and mindsets can be fun in and of themselves, but combined with awareness we can make scenes more trauma-informed and help our healing processes along the way. Together, let us think about the ways that trauma survivors are drawn to kink, and in turn how trauma and kink interact with each other.
· Think about the ways that trauma survivors are drawn to kink
· Explore how kink can be a conduit to heal from trauma
· How can we make our spaces more trauma aware so that healing can happen.
Friday, August 5th, 12:00noon, Mess Hall Deck

Wait… Weight: Rigging for Every Body Type with Raven
We will delve into how we can adapt our rope techniques to accommodate every body regardless of size, prioritizing the safety and health of both the top and bottom. This will cover strategies for tiny tops, how to support and suspend comfortably, how “more wraps” isn’t always a solution, rope for the curvy, and some basic anatomy in regards to risk mitigation.
Friday, August 5th, 2:30pm, Upper Dungeon